What kind of Brained are you ?

Which way do you see her spinning?

If in both animations, you see her spinning clockwise to the right, you tend to be a right-brainer.
If you see her spinning counter-clockwise to the left, you tend to be left-brained.
Your tendency shows how you've trained your brain, or been influenced as you were growing up.
If you can see one dancer spinning clockwise and the other spinning counter-clockwise simultaneously, you are likely able to switch easily between both right or left-brain functions as needed.
With practice, you can figure out how to make this figure switch directions at will. This shows you can control when you are using your right or left brain hemisphere.
But the way you naturally tend to operate in the world, will always tend to dominate. This preference will show more clearly when you are not making any effort. 

Have Fun !!!

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